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Sayan Electronics Industries

About us: Sayan Electronic Industries, with the help of God Almighty and with the permission of the Ministry of Industry, as a pioneer company in researching the design and production of office machines such as desktop banknote counters and banknote tester testers, has been operating since 1996 with a staff. Specialized, experienced and educated, it has started and has always had an active and effective presence in the Iranian office machine market, and at any time, according to the needs of consumers and the use of modern technology, has produced completely Iranian products with excellent and popular performance. .
This company is proud to have received several patents and honorary diplomas from the Iranian Society of Inventors and Inventors for its years of activity in the office machine manufacturing industry. It has been officially approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. With the aim of strengthening its power in the field of production and creating economic growth by using modern technology and up-to-date technical knowledge and employing experienced and educated experts, it has maintained its leading role in the Iranian office machine market, namely the result of commitment and unremitting efforts of Sayan management and staff. Reaching the summit is the pride of service and promotion of industry and self-sufficiency of the country. Relying on the expertise of its engineers and more than three decades of experience in technology and production, this company has now taken an amazing step in disinfecting air and surfaces and backed by satisfied customers. Ozone generators (surface and air disinfectants in the shortest time) have been produced with the latest technology in the world. The purpose of designing this site is to inform about a wonderful phenomenon and miracle of nature, namely active oxygen or the so-called general ozone. Salia There are many developed countries that are widely used for disinfection and disinfection or in general the elimination of harmful microorganisms (O) and chemical disinfectants have been replaced by activated oxygen system.
In order to fight the widespread prevalence of coronavirus and the need to clean the air and surfaces, as well as to improve the level of safety and health of all segments of the electronics community, Sayan has designed and manufactured ozone generators under the OZONEPLUS brand. All sections of society, especially in sensitive situations, are exposed to the corona virus.