Ozone Plus OZONE BOX

Personal items such as mobile phones, keys, wallets, jewelry, glasses, masks, bank cards, banknotes, etc. are among the most contaminated objects around us that can not be disinfected easily and even with high accuracy. . Now, due to the severe outbreak of the corona virus, OZONEPLUS has designed and built a device with easy use and an intelligent system that produces and injects ozone in order to improve the health of the community and prevent the spread of the corona virus (especially through hand contact with objects and surfaces). In the box space, it destroys all microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, and especially the corona virus) on the surface of objects, and this technique does not cause any side damage to objects and accessories.

Eliminate all viruses, bacteria, fungi and all microorganisms from the surface of personal appliances
Disinfect all personal items and appliances with the highest ozone purity in the shortest time
Without creating destructive effects on objects and any waste
Completely affordable without the need for raw materials and additional costs
Easy to use – small – stylish and functional