Ozone device model – CA 5000

Can be used in all medical centers and government organizations and departments – Sports veterinary clinics – Beauty salons and hairdressers – Hotels and reception halls – Inside cars, buses and train cabins, Restaurants and catering – Kindergartens and schools – Universities And Educational Centers – Mosques and holy shrines – Metro clubs – All vacant spaces and pets

Product Features of Ozone Plus Model CA 5000
Simultaneous disinfection of air and surfaces using the latest technology
Eliminate all odors, including the smell of cigarette smoke – cooking food – the smell of pets – the smell of paint – the smell of sweat from the body of all harmful pollutants in the air and surfaces
Destruction of all microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, etc.)Inhibition of their growth and replication by cell wall destruction and direct effect on nucleus and cell nucleic acid…
Ability to disinfect all inaccessible and invisible places
Completely affordable and without the need for raw materials
Easy to use and does not cause any harmful effects on the environment